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About + archives wishlist

I’ve signed up to because twttr is making some bad decisions. Here is a wish list which needs to be satisfied in order for App to work for me as a twttr-esque service — I appreciate the service is in Alpha.


  • Private accounts - pretty self explanatory really. My personal twttr is, of course, private.
  • SMS. When I joined twttr in ‘06, the only way to post from your mobile telephone was via text message. I’m still a heavy user of SMS posting and enjoy having a few follower’s updates sent to me via text message.


  • An update should allow for 140 characters. Currently App has a 256 character limit. We’re not writing novellas here people.
  • Ability to customise your profile page (I’m thinking background image, text colours, yadda).
  • Ability to block other users.