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Jekyll archive page (without plugins)

I got round to putting up an archive page for and thought I’d jot some notes down for anybody who else who wanted to do the same.

I publish with GitHub Pages which supports Jekyll1.

GitHub runs Jekyll with:

jekyll --pygments --no-lsi --safe

The --safe flag disables custom plugins which means if you’re going to run your blerg through GitHub Pages you won’t be able to use custom plugins, for example, this one.

There are ways around this, namely generating your blerg locally then publishing just contents of the _site folder to your gh-pages branch but being me, a lazy developer, this sounds like more hassle than it’s worth, especially when I have a nice workflow for creating a new blog post, having it all in one repo and having GitHub do all the heavy lifting.

Anyhoo, to get my Archive page up and running2, I used this template code by Michael Rowe and tweaked it for my own needs3:

  1. Jekyll is awesome — I should probably list the ways one day 

  2. Originally this read Anyhoo, to get my Archive page cracking but I didn’t think I could get away with it. 

  3. If you look at the actual archive.html template in my repo, you’ll notice that the indentation is somewhat odd. This is because when I view source I like to see properly indented markup. It’s just how I roll.