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How to play a turntable through a Mac

This is a quick, easy and relatively cheap way to play a turntable through your Mac.


  1. Some flavour of turntable that has an RCA (line/phono) output. I have a Numark TTUSB
  2. Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 USB audio interface
  3. LineIn from Rogue Amoeba


  1. Plug the RCA connector from the turntable into the UCA202’s input
  2. Plug the UCA202 into your Mac’s USB port
  3. Load up LineIn and set Input from to USB Audio CODEC
  4. Set Output to to your speakers, for example Built-in Output: Internal Speakers or HDMI: SAMSUNG etc
  5. Click the Pass Thru button and throw on some filth