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How I compose my newsletter

Four weeks ago I decided to start putting out my own weekly newsletter. It’s called zzmag, full of internet and delivered every Monday. Some folk have asked how I go about publishing it so decided to jot down some notes.



  1. Create a new text file for your newsletter.
  2. Write all content in the Markdown format.


  1. Once your newsletter is ready to go out, create a new Markdown file in your Jekyll-powered website and paste in the content from your text file2.
  2. jekyll serve --watch and visit localhost:4000 to view your newsletter.
  3. View the source of the HTML page and copy the HTML markup of the newsletter.


  1. Log in to TinyLetter and click Compose.
  2. Click the View Source Code button on the WYSIWYG editor and paste the HTML markup you copied earlier, replacing any existing markup.
  3. Click Send Preview and admire your handiwork!

Good things!

  1. I keep my draft newsletter in Simplenote as I make heavy use of the Simplenote web, iPad and iPhone apps. It’s readily available wherever I’m consuming internet. 

  2. Here is Issue 4’s Markdown file as an example