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EDIT (02/09/14): This is no longer the case – I should write why, soon!

I had some time yesterday to make some changes to

New RSS feed

Although zzmag is primarily a newsletter I appreciate that some folk prefer to read it on the website, where others love their feedreader. You can now subscribe to zzmag using the RSS feed.

New issue URLs

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing different URL structures. As a proponent of beautiful URLs I wanted a user to be able to navigate through issues using the URL alone.

Long story short, I’ve removed the year and month from the issue URLs:

Old issue URL

New issue URL

New 404 page

To support the new issue URLs, I’ve added a more useful 404 page.

Paragraph IDs

It was a bit of a pain trying to link somebody to a specific paragraph in an issue. A user would have to visit an issue page then either search in page for a keyword or scroll through the entire issue.

To allow linking to a specific paragraph, each paragraph now has an ID.

For example, to link to the paragraph about NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day in Issue 27, inspect the paragraph1 in question and note the ID:

Then append it to the end of the issue URL like so:

I’ve also added a cheeky highlight to help your eyeballs.

  1. This is quite a technical “solution” but it works for me. To inspect the paragraph, right click on the paragraph in the question, click Inspect Element then you’ll see the ID in question, for example: <p id="zz:10"></p>