Migrating to WordPress: A brief retrospective

Last year I took the step to migrate content from a Jekyll-powered weblog and a defunct newsletter to a single WordPress-powered instance on reyhan.org.

Sharing content on social media platforms is straightforward. I recognised for this initiative to succeed I had to ensure that posting on reyhan.org was just as easy.

To this end, I tailored WordPress to my needs:

  • Removed functionality that was superfluous, a distraction or maintenance burden.
  • Wrote a build script to tear down and rebuild the WordPress instance on Production.
  • Wrote a backup script to create backups of posts and the database.
  • Created a separate repository for the reyhan.org theme, using Vagrant to run the WordPress instance locally. GitLab’s Continuous Integration allows the theme to be updated and deployed to Production automagically.

I’ve been very happy with the results so far.

Separating concerns into three areas: build, backup and theme has worked remarkably well, and though upgrading WordPress and creating backups are currently manual processes, there’s no reason why these tasks couldn’t be automated in the future.