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I thought this was a very tasteful film with great performances and cracking soundtrack.


After hours with 10 Foot, London’s most notorious graffiti writer

A wind starts to pick up, distant at first, but building quickly. 10 Foot’s eyes widen. “You can hear them whispering,” he says. Then he jumps into the weeds on the side of the tracks just in time to see the Thameslink go thundering past, barely a metre in front of him. You should never look a train in the eye, he told me. That’s the rule. The eyes of a train can turn you to stone.

/thx Will!

“Hey, World!”

New, in beta, weblog service from HEY where you post by sending an email to [email protected].

I was reminded of Blogger Mobile from 2005(!):

When you send an email or MMS to [email protected] we set up a new blog for you and post your photo and text to it. You can keep the blog we set up for you or switch everything over to your existing blog by signing in to with the code we send to your phone.

J Dilla’s Donuts: 15 year tribute

With this digital experience we try to commemorate [J. Dilla’s] legacy, but, furthermore, let old time fans and newcomers immerse themselves into the thirty-one carefully crafted tracks.

Very nicely done.

Some thoughts on the Chorleywood bread process

Before, if you’d said to me something like “they’re putting stuff in the food that’s making everyone gluten intolerant” I think I would have filed that as a food conspiracy theory. Now? I think I’d lean in that direction.

Interesting read.

Golf On Mars

Sequel to the excellent Desert Golfing:

Golf across an infinite* rocky Martian surface. Discover golfing obstacles that make us Earthlings gasp in awe!

Papas Nativas

Approximately 8,000 years ago, the first wild potatoes were harvested from the high-altitude soils surrounding Lake Titicaca at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Since then, more than 4,000 varieties of native potatoes—known in Peru as papas nativas—have been cultivated in the Andean highlands. On a month-long journey through Peru, we encounter the diverse flavors, cultural significance, agricultural challenges, history, and daily uses of papas nativas.

Ise-ji: Walk With Me

[A] collection of notes, tips, and, I guess, “travelogue” entries about walking the Ise-ji route of the Kumano Kodō. I wrote this because I love the Ise-ji, and want you, also, to think: Damn, that looks like a fine hike.

Let’s All Wear A Mask

[I]n this essay, I want to persuade you not just to wear a mask, but to go beyond the new CDC guidelines and help make mask wearing a social norm. That means always wearing a mask when you go out in public, and becoming a pest and nuisance to the people in your life until they do the same.