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Redirect common URLS

I’ve previously pointed to thoughts on URL design. I am of the school of thought that a user should be able to navigate and understand your website’s hierarchy from the URL alone. Continuing on this theme, your website should redirect common URLs. For example, if a user visits, expecting your website’s Contact page where your Contact page actually lives at the user is going to have a bad time and probably a 404 for their trouble. The solution is to redirect common URLs to their actual locations1. Here are a bunch of URLs that I would expect to redirect to their respective locations:

  • (or /terms)
  • (or /signup, /register)
  • (or /login)
  • (or /logout)

I appreciate the above sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed at the amount of websites that don’t do this2.

  1. You could argue that you should be using these common URLs to start with but, you know. 

  2. It’s at this point I try to play click-the-link when the webpage has infinite scrolling — the rage.