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How to migrate from Jekyll to WordPress

Last month the decision was made to consolidate years of newsletters, weblog posts and other minutiae from various Jekyll instances to one WordPress-powered deal.

A fair amount of time was spent researching the best, quickest (and easiest!) way to do this but, unsurprisingly, most searches turned up the opposite: migrating from WordPress to Jekyll – anyway – here’s now it’s done:

Jekyll instance

  1. Install the Jekyll Feed plugin.
  2. Do a jekyll build and ensure the generated feed.xml has all the posts that are intended to be migrated.

WordPress instance

  1. Download and install the WP All Import plugin: wp plugin install wp-all-import --activate.
  2. In WordPress Admin, click on the All Import link and upload the feed.xml file generated earlier.
  3. Follow the four-step process to map and import the feed.xml data file into the WordPress instance.

I’d have saved a bunch of time had I been pointed at the WP All Import plugin from the beginning, so hopefully this will help somebody in the future.